Sunday, November 01, 2009

Bye Bye October!

I have no idea where you went, but whooosh, there you go!

No one could say that October wasn't eventful. The studio is *thisclose* to being ready for me to move into it. We finally got heat yesterday and I hope to be in by the end of the week. I will be scouring the local thrift scene trying to find some pieces of furniture so I don't have to completely pillage the office.

We also survived a revolving door of ickiness, the worst being the strep that knocked Henry out of commission for almost a week.

And, of course, Halloween! Henry went back and forth about what he wanted to be, but when he caught sight of the giant sword that went with the ninja outfit he was sold. When I saw that I wouldn't have to sped 2 weeks making a costume only to have him change his mind at the last minute and want to be a pirate using dress up clothes we had lying around, I was sold as well. Bring on the ninja sword.

In West Asheville, the place to be on Halloween is Vermont Ave. They go crazy with graveyards, ghosties galore, movie screens and anything else you can imagine. We have friends who live there who spend hundreds on candy each year. It was a little rainy and chilly last night, but it still looked straight out of a movie with the yellow leaves falling and kids running all over the super decorated lawns. We did a quick loop and finished just as the rain picked up. As we were hopping out of the car in the driveway we heard a gasp from the back seat. While finishing up the first piece of Halloween candy of the year, Henry lost his first tooth!

I think he saw a ghost. Or his mother told him to stop sqinching his eyes to I could get a decent shot. One or the other. He is having a blast putting juice box straws through the little hole and whatnot. I made him a monster-y tooth pillow and he woke up to three whole dollar bills tucked into its little monster heart this morning. At 5:30. *yawn*

Friday night I did wear a little costume to the Blog Asheville social media party "Spookyblogapaloozananny", held in the Phil Mechanic studio down in the River Arts District. Unfortunately, I was a little too 'clever' for my own good and no one knew what the heck was going on. I was up for Best Craft Blog, so I wanted to do a play on how I am made of craftiness. I sewed a zipper into my shirt with a false back. I unzipped the zipper and had gobs of yarn pouring out. On top of all of my yarn entrails, I made 2 small pillows- one shaped like a < and one shaped like a 3 (the 2 keystrokes that you use to make a heart shape on Facebook and Twitter). I skewered them together on a set of bamboo double pointed needles. It was meant to be like someone zipped open my chest and I was stuffed with yarn and this little pillow "heart" was being ripped out. I thought I was being soooooo clever using the keystrokes instead of an actual heart, since it was a social media event and surely everyone would get it and chuckle. I got a couple of "what's going on there?"s and a "why do you have a yarn vagina on your chest". Costume FAIL!!! The good news is that I did indeed win Best Craft Blog, so thanks to all who voted for me! If I can track down some pictures I will surely post them.

I hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween and are enjoying a nice balanced candy breakfast. Mmmmm...Snickers at 7am...

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