Friday, September 25, 2009


That is what my right pointer finger currently looks like. I've actually never seen a wienerschnitzel, but you get the gist. Yesterday Kyle and I were working on drywall in the studio. I couldn't fit a ladder in a tight spot and thought to myself "Self, you are so clever. You can climb up onto the top of that giant row of drywall [horizontally stored against the wall I needed to screw drywall onto] and use it like a ladder. It is most definitely sturdy enough to hold you. Ha HA you are so clever". Yeah. Not so clever. When I pushed back a bit with my foot to get some leverage with the drill, the drywall fell over, sheet by sheet, and I with them. Luckily, they (and I) became wedged up against the scaffolding and I didn't fall all the way down in a pile of brokenness. I did, however, somehow manage to mangle my left knee and ankle as well as my poor right pointer finger- a key knitting finger, I might add. Boo and hiss. I was sure it was broken or fractured and Kyle was all ready to take me to the hospital, but I can bend it now and it seems on the mend already. It is just a little sausage-y and sore, so things might be a little slow going for a little while. We did end up getting the pine ceiling completely finished, trimmed and a third wall drywalled, so we are *thisclose* to being in the home stretch. I can't waaaaaaiiiiiiiiit any longer.

All of you Asheville peeps know that there is a huge mommy blogger conference in town this weekend called the Type A Mom Conference. It turns out that the woman behind Type A Mom is the mother of a little girl who was in Henry's class last year and I never knew it. How strange! She invited me to be a last minute vendor at the market portion of the conference tomorrow morning so it looks like I am going to be there. Stop by and say hello if you are there! I couldn't be more unprepared, but I'm just going to show up and wing it. Oh poop. I guess I need to drag Henry to the bank to get some change before they close, huh?

See? Unprepared. Better go.

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Elmo said...

Feel Better Soon, Amy!!