Sunday, August 02, 2009


That is what I think I must be. Tuesday morning-"wicked early" Henry says- he and I will get into the little white Rabbit and make the 10.5 hour drive to Philly to spend the night with my old bestie and her two beasties. I haven't seen her in almost 2 years and she has a brand spankin' new little girl, so I can't wait to get there. She has a 2 year old and a 3 week old, though, so I am fully expecting her to fall asleep mid sentence several times. I am looking forward to seeing the expression on her face when I whip out the picture I recently found of us from a decade of Halloweens ago. She was Slash from GnR and I was an undead vampire raver from Hell. Like chocolate and peanut butter, really...

After we spend the night in Philly we are getting back into the Rabbit and driving the last 5 hours to my folks' house in CT where we will spend the week picking blueberries, hiking around and hanging out with my fam. WooHoo! While I can't wait to be there, I would be lying if I said the thought of 15 hours alone in the car with a 6 year old wasn't a tad bit daunting. I have a secret stash of Pokemon cards packed in with the spare tire in case of an emergency, what am I forgetting?

Before we hop in the car I wanted to post pictures of July's last custom. I waited all day for some good light but all I got was grey, grey, grey. It's too bad, too, they are pretty dern cute!

While I will have full internet access while I'm out of town, I (obviously) can't ship orders from 850 miles away. This means that any order received after 4pm tomorrow will be shipped as soon as I get home, sweet home on the 13th.

Holy cow, that is just 12 days before my little man starts FIRST GRADE. *sniffsniff*


Dwell Wool Knits said...

Henry's getting so big!

Wave hi to me while you're in Philly! I'm just NE of there. :)

Dwell Wool Knits said...

Scratch that - NW - I don't claim having a good sense of direction.