Thursday, July 23, 2009


Did you hear that? That was the sound of my laptop exploding. Well, it was more of a quiet sputter and poop out that an explosion, but the result is the same. My genius computer geek of a husband managed to go into its guts, pull all of my information to an external hard drive, restore the machine to factory specs, give it technological CPR and get me up and running again. Yay for geeky husbands (or wives)! Unfortunately, when he asked if I needed him to save all of my emails I was doing something else and offhandedly said "Nah, I can get them off the Gmail server", forgetting about all of the local folders I had saved in Thunderbird. Gone are all my transaction records from the past year, along with my wait list (thankfully I am down to bare bones on that), review and wholesale inquiry folders.


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susiemc705 said...

Does that mean you lost all your notes on the custom Cranky's list that I was on? Dang. No worries, S...U....S...I....E.... M...C...D..O...N...O....U....G....H
I won for August, no I mean July. It was that weird Power Ball rule or something. Alternate list? You know, it was on that thing with the notes. I'm sure of it.