Monday, May 18, 2009

Vance Playground Project Auction/ Lottery- TODAY!

I am so excited about all the amazing businesses that came out to lend their crafty genius to this Auction/Lottery to support the Vance Playground Project. Here is a big ole list of those who have donated so far, but there may be some last minute loverlies, so stay tuned...

Crankypants + Little Bear Knitwear Semi-custom Silly Stripe Monster Booty (lottery)

Fishy Fishy Quilts Amazing 57" x 57" Reversible Quilt (lottery)

Crankypants + Sapo Verde 18M-2T Girly Monster Set (auction)

Dwell Wool Knits OOAK "Outdoor Playtime" Shorties (auction)

Dreamseeds Organics Bodycare Package (auction)

Cozy Blue Wool Felt Crown (auction)

Modern Baby Company modern Red Bud Blanket (auction)

Roly Poly Crafts Reusable Snack Bag Set (auction)

Zen Moon Mama Cloth Set (auction)

Tush Women's Skully Dundies (auction)

Tickity Bu Ooga Booga Cuddle Blanket (auction)

RamieBaby Designs 1T-3T Watermelon Set (auction)

Eva Page 39 X 29" Apple Dot and Alphabet Quilt (auction)

Ken Roberts Coopersmithing (auction)

I still have one little sweater here that my sweet mama made that needs to be photographed and listed. Where are all the 2-3 year old boys when I need them?

Pretty please stop by and check out the event. There is no excuse not to buy at least one raffle ticket for that quilt. You can always give it to me if you win. If times is tight and you can't swing it, you can always help out by reposting, reTweeting, reFacebooking or otherwise spreading the word about the event.

: If you want to buy more than one raffle ticket, don't send indicidual payments for each one. Purchase as many as you would like, but instead of following through with payment through the cart, send the TOTAL amount to amy[at] with your order#s in the subject line or notes and I will make sure your #s are entered into the proper raffle(s). it will cut down on time for you and PayPal fees for the playground!

Say no to this face. I double dog dare you...


Anonymous said...

Is there a link?

crankypantsknits. said...

You can click on Vance Playground Project in the first sentence of this post, or it's: