Saturday, May 09, 2009

I :Heart: Cozy Blue!

The Vance Playground Project charity event is coming up on HC and I am so super excited about all of the amazing peeps who have donated items to the cause.

First up is one of my local crafty sisters-Liz from Cozy Blue on Etsy. Liz is the mama to Ms. Adella (the artist and/or vet in training) and Mr. Griffin, who I can't believe is running around like a wild man already. Her other baby is Cozy Blue, a whimsical little shop on Etsy that features hand knit hats, zip pouches with hidden treasures, festive cloth banners and the most amazing wool felt crowns I have ever seen. Liz let me pick from a big, fat pile of crowns for the event, and (of course) I went for a boyish rock star one:

If stars and lightning bolts aren't your cup of tea, there are lots of other fabulous things in the shop right now.

Go check it out!

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