Monday, May 25, 2009

Drive By Posting...

I haven't been slacking, I promise. While I spent the majority of last week doing all of the little-but-incredibly-time-consuming behind the scenes tasks for the Vance charity auction, I have been knitting as well. The event was a wonderful success and we are now just under $1700 closer to building a playground for the upper grades at Vance. Rock!

I am also one long workday away from being finished with 2 pairs of custom longies. I did all the knitting on Sam's Goodnight Moon inspired customs, but I had to wait until I could borrow a copy of the book before I could start on the embellishing. We've never actually owned a copy of this wildly popular book for some reason. It seems to be a lot of folks' favorite, though. While I was waiting for a copy to fall into my lap (just a well orchestrated plan to get Susannah to bring brand spankin' new Ms. Corinne Belle over to see me) I did the knitting work on Stephanie's buggy longies. I am planning on setting aside the whole of tomorrow to graph out all the various little designs and whatnot and stitching them all in by the time Henry comes home from school.

Wish me luck!

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Susannah said...

...and Ms. Corinne enjoyed meeting you too! How awesome for the Playground Project! And please tell your mama thank you for the sweater- I showed it to Chad- he LOVED it! :) Susannah