Monday, April 20, 2009

Wonder Pants ReLaunch!

My friend and sistah-in-knitting (as well as amazing pattern designer), Pamela, has reworked and rewritten her fabulous WonderPants longies pattern and is releasing the spiffy new version today on the Wooly Wonder website. I get lots of requests for my longies pattern, but since I sell a copyright protected finished product and have no desire to attempt to translate the pattern in my head (which includes lots of helpful phrases like "twirl yarn around the thingie" and "knit until you get to the place where you should stop") into normal human speak, I always have to say no. The Wonder Pants pattern is well written with tons of great photo instructions and produces a wide legged look that I love. It also teaches you the fabulous "Magic Loop" method of knitting both legs at once, something that I never took the time to learn but probably should. Hop to it, knitistas!

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