Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Happy April!

No, I'm not going to make some sort of elaborate April Fool's joke here. I can't stand it when people play tricks on me (and I didn't have the time to think up something really good).

My one wee little custom from the random lottery is:

Stephanie T.

I guess the practice run yesterday helped you out!

Just in the nick of time, I also finished up my last March custom this morning.

It is so grey and overcast here that the lighting is truly horrible and not at all conducive to good picture taking. Looking at the week's forecast tells me that I would be hanging onto these babies for a long time waiting for a clear day so I thought I'd just get on with it, bad light and all. Even with the less than perfect lighting, though, it was clear that these longies bear a strong resemblance to one of my favorite little monsters...

I also realized early this morning, as Kyle bid me a happy 'holiday' that I had rescheduled my previously canceled tattoo appointment on April Fool's Day. Ummmmm...yeah. Wish me luck.


Christia said...

Those crankypants are darling!!

Roxanna said...

Those Crankys make me want to have a girl :) but I have 2 boys so I will have to stick with my boyish Monster booty and Jolly Rogers

I had a question I need to shave my Cranky's I *think* and I was wondering if you recommend a shaver...I have never done it:)

S said...

What kind of tattoo are you getting?

Monica said...

Oh Amy...a tattoo on April Fools Day? You're brave! ;) lol...kup on it!!

Jessie said...

Our girls are still wishing my hubs a Happy Valentine's Day when he leaves for work every morning followed by a big "Be Safe!". I can't wait to see the new tat :)