Sunday, February 15, 2009

Protective Eye Gear

Happy Belated Valentine's Day to all of you! We had a great day with one minor blip. Kyle and I got Henry separate V-Day presents. I plotted out a Valentine's Day scavenger hunt with a new book, a tiny box of chocolates, a new Bakugon and a couple of coupons for extra Wii time hidden all around the house, little rhyming clues and all. He loved it. Kyle got him 4 big Nerf guns. He loved those even more.

Later in the day, we met some friends for a rousing bowling game.

Me: Take off the Nerf goggles, it's time to go.
Henry: Yeah, I don't need them anymore.
Me: Nope, they are just so you don't get Nerf bullets in the eye.
Henry: Yes. And whatever you do, don't look directly at the sun. They aren't that kind of protective eye gear.
Me: You are SO going to get beat up in middle school.
[Okay, so I just thought that last bit]

This isn't a picture of the Nerf goggles, but I love it and it fits, so there.

The only blemish on the day was when Kyle stabbed himself trying to get one of the Nerf guns out of its packaging. Lots of blood. Big deep gash in his hand. I was put in the position of explaining to a grown man why it wasn't a good idea for me to give him stitches with a regular needle and thread. Luckily, serious antibacterial foam, butterfly bandages, lots of gauze and 12 hours later it is looking pretty healthy. He's going to have a heck of a scar, but I think he'll keep the finger.

I hope you all had a great day!

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Nicole said...

That is a super cute picture of is the ant farm progressing?