Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nature! Nature!

Well, for a while there it looked like Spring was on its way. Every year I say "I think the cold is gone!" and every year I'm wrong. We couldn't sit inside anymore today, though, so we drove up through Bent Creek to a spot right off the Blue Ridge Parkway and took a little hike to hunt for icicles in the creek that runs through the area. It was a tiny bit chilly, but it was nice to get back out in the woods. Now we're even more anxious for Spring to get here!

A couple of folks have asked me for ant farm updates, so we're counting that as nature as well. They seem to be kind of...waning. There are a few little dead guys in the tunnels I can't get to and the others don't seem that interested in carrying them out. They are supposed to have a 3 month life span at best, so I think we're reaching the end, folks. We have some pretty awesome tunnels, though!

In other exciting news, my orchid bloomed and is absolutely gorgeous! I can't wrap my brain around the fact that I haven't killed it yet. Maybe I won't be such a menace in the greenhouse after all!

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