Thursday, February 26, 2009


Unfortunately, this is very fitting for me this morning. I got a phone call yesterday morning asking me to please come pick Henry up at school, he just threw up all over the classroom. Poor kid. I was supposed to pick him up in the office, but after waiting there for 10 minutes the secretary's phone rang and it was Henry's teacher asking me to please go downstairs. Henry was so embarrassed that he went into the bathroom and was refusing to come out. I had to go in, help him get cleaned up and carry him out of there. Have you been in an elementary school boys' bathroom lately. Oh my gross! It could not have helped the stomach situation, for real. Luckily, by the time we got home and halfway through the first Super Friends episode he was asking for food and within a couple of hours he was totally fine. While I'm glad that he wasn't sick, obviously, spending the day trying to occupy a sick/not sick kid without being prepared for it in the least (I had planned to run errands all day) made me a little crazy. And since I made him 'relax' all day, he woke up ready to face the day at 5:30 this morning. Hence the crabby.

I am lucky, though. After being canceled due to 1/8" of snow last month, I am finally cashing in my yearly Christmas gift certificate for a massage this morning. It will get me all loose and relaxed just in time for my parent/teacher conference this afternoon. His teacher will be grateful for that, I'm sure...

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Ramie's Mama said...

H didn't throw up on my longies...did he? ;)
I love them. TY for all your hard work--you never fail to please :)