Thursday, December 18, 2008

To Do Before 1:30.

Finish Henry's teacher's scarf ('Drop It, Yo' with Malabrigo single ply worsted merino in Peach Tree for those of you who to know that sort of thing)

Get Cinnebar (movie theater/restaurant) gift card for his teaching assistant

Dip a dozen or so pretzel rods for support staff/crossing guards.

Make a post office run.

Clean the bedrooms/upstairs bathroom (I did the downstairs yesterday).

Oh, and I should probably shower and get dressed somewhere in there, too.

Wish me luck...


physlet said...

Wow, busy day! Good luck!

anniebel said...

Cute scarf! Malabrigo! Sooooo soft. That looks like a cool color. hmm! If I ever start knitting again!