Thursday, December 04, 2008

Danger Mouse!

Do you guys remember Danger Mouse? Not Gnarls Barkley DangerMouse, the actual cartoon mouse Danger Mouse. Henry picked it out at the video store the other day and I didn't remember it until it came on and I heard the theme song. I think my brother and I used to watch it at my Memere's house when we were little. J? Is that true? I can't help but love it when Henry likes the same things we did when we were kids. I know marketing people love it too, but we won't taint my nostalgia thinking about that.

I've received an update from Peru and if everyone wouldn't mind sitting around with fingers crossed for a few days, I would be ever so appreciative. In theory, the box is scheduled to leave Lima tomorrow night, which would put it in Atlanta Monday and here sometime mid-week next week, with plenty of time for me to turn them around before I leave for the holidays. Like I said. Cross those fingers. If this thing gets delayed again I think I might go bananas.

Speaking of bananas (was that an awesome segue or what?)... Henry has mastered the fine art of the knock knock joke. I think I've heard "Orange you glad I didn't say banana" about 170 times this week already. And the interrupting cow one is always a crowd pleaser. I'm sure he'll whip that out when we see family over the holidays.

I am hoping that we can go get our tree and start decorating the house tonight. I am ready to start getting all festive and whatnot. I tried to get Henry to accompany me in making dozens of terribly complicated paper snowflakes to hang all over the place but it turns out that neither of us has that kind of attention span. Go figure. I AM looking forward to stringing cranberries and Kix cereal, though. That was a hit last year and it is so simple and pretty. Pictures to follow...

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Kira said...

I remember Danger Mouse too! My brother and I used to watch it as well. My parents have episodes recorded on Beta tapes. But my b now actually hrother actually has the DVDs now. The episode I remember most is the one where the world gets covered in custard.

I love when other people remember the things that you thought no one else knew about when you were a kid. And I agree, it's fun when kids like what you used to like. I've exposed my friends' kids to my seasons 1 & 2 DVDs of Fraggle Rock...and my nieces to the first 3 seasons of the Muppet Show!