Monday, November 10, 2008

Facebook, Anyone?

I just started a Facebook group for Crankypants. I made it open to everyone and left all of the features open so anyone can post pictures, start threads or write on the wall. Feel free to come on over and join up!

I :heart: Crankypants!

Today is going to be a crazy mad scramble day since Henry has tomorrow off school and then we go out of town on Thursday.

I am going to try to: redo the beading on Nicole's monsters, get some work in on Bear's monsters, finalize and invoice new customs, list 2 pairs of Jolly Rogers at Venus Vanguard's mid-month Black and White stocking, list a pair of longies at the K&F Birthday Celebration, ship a batch of Classics, order shirts, broker a new deal with a seamstress, deal with quarterlies and take some photographs.



Monica said...

You don't sound *too* busy or Good luck with it all!

Lady Nunn said...

I'll look for you on facebook then! :)

And to you my knitty friend, my knitty friend who must know other knitty people, I'd love it if you could squeeze a quick link to me sometime for thie Preemie Project I'm doing, which includes knitted preemie hats.

Here's the update on the sitch, including a link to the original post:

love you! :)