Monday, November 17, 2008


We just got home from Florida and I wanted to post a few pictures from our Disney adventure. The 9 hour car ride on my birthday wasn't fun, but the weekend was amazing. Henry had a blast, wearing the ears (I can't believe he wore the ears!) and sticking his hands in the air on the roller coasters. WooHoo!

Henry and the triceratops:

The ears!:

Rockin' out with the African band at Animal Kingdom:

Riding on Dad's shoulders:

My father in law fell asleep on a bench when he was supposed to be watching my backpack. I snuck into it and Kyle snapped this picture before we put it back and pretended nothing happened. Henry woke him up 20 minutes later and he had no idea until he looked at the pictures that night. Good times...

Donald + Henry:

Donald didn't like the Mickey ears. He pulled them off and threw them on the ground before posing for the picture above.

More music making:


Brain freeze from frozen lemonade:


A family of dorks:

A Goofy hug:

Henry eclipsing the Epcot ball:

Tomorrow....back to work!


beauty school drop out said...

looks like everyone had fun.

Susannah :) said...

Call me sappy, but there is something about seeing a child's first time at Disney pics that makes me cry- that or it is the crazy pregnancy hormones running rampent in my body! Either way, the pictures are awesome- I am glad you had such a good time!

Joshua said...

how did you find all of those characters?!?! so.awesome.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! And glad to hear that you all had a great time.

Christia said...

Super sweet pictures!
How did Henry react when he found out you were going to Disney?

IndieBambino said...

so cute, and it was so sunny! Im jealous, glad it was awesome :)