Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New! Fun! Stuff!

Over the next couple of months we will be rolling out some new, fun stuff over here at Crankypants World HQ. As this happens I want to stress that NONE of the new items are made by the same branch of the co-op working on the Classic Crankypants longies so they will not affect wait times for those at all.

When I saw the Crime Fighting Sock Monkey Superheros a couple of weeks ago my mind immediately jumped to monsters. The amazing ladies in Peru were on the task immediately and came up with some amazingly cute little guys for us. These are prototypes so they are the only ones of their kind right now. Some of them will go into production (still hand made and one of a kind) but in the mean time, these guys need loving homes! They are $35 each plus shipping and are NOT suitable for kids under 3. They are crafted from socks made from an alpaca blend and the features are hand needle felted on to give each a completely unique personality. The stripes on the appendages are simply wound artisan yarn, so they must be handled with love.





Since this wee beastie is smaller than the others he is $25. (SOLD)

We also got a sneak peek at some Muestra Finger Puppets that will be here soon. I can't let these go because Henry is in love with them all, but I will definitely let you know when the first regular shipment comes in.

I am also super excited to show off the new undies from Sublime Stitches. People have been asking for girly designs for a while and when I saw this fabric I knew it was perfect for all the little ones who are sugar and spice and everything rockin'!

(click on these pictures to see the doodle details)

We couldn't leave the boys out, though...

All new undies are $8 a pair.

There are very limited numbers of these, so I'm giving all my faithful blog readers first crack at this new gear so shoot me an email (crankypantsknits[at] if you are interested.



Lady Nunn said...

I don't think I've ever been so in love as I am with those finger puppets.

Claudia W said...

Oooo I love the Monsters! DS1 would love one of them, but he'll have to wait till DS2 is older. He likes to steal from big brother,lol

We have a pair of the Jolly Roger for boys, it came in the mail yesterday. He loves it! They are so cute!

liz said...

extreme cuteness overload!!

everything looks great amy - i love them all!

Jamie said...

Love those monsters, oh my!