Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

As you might have suspected, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.All the beasties come out to play and I love it! This Halloween is a bit different for us, though. It is the first Halloween where Henry is old enough to really care about his costume. To the point where I finally caved and bought him one instead of making it myself. I've made his costumes every year-fat Elvis as an infant, pirates, and our favorite... Chicken Robot. Well, this year he is going to be a plain old Clone Trooper (whatever you do, don't call him a Storm Trooper-totally different thing) in one of those one piece plus plastic mask dealios. My baby is getting all big and stuff!

With Halloween comes the first of the month, which caught me completely off guard. Again. I have been sick for the past week and laying pretty low, so we are out of our usual routine. Customs will be open tomorrow from 10am-noon EST to be drawn by random in a lottery. I'll post the list by 1pm EST. I am still running behind, so I am going to keep it to 3 slots again this month. I am going to run this month's auctions a little bit late, starting Monday and continuing (one a day) through Wednesday. I'm only doing 3 auctions this month as well. There is SO much going on here that I want to do everything I can to stay on top of things.

Can I tell you a secret? As an early Christmas present, Kyle's parents are taking the whole family to Disney World in a couple of weeks. We are driving to Orlando and we aren't going to tell Henry where we're going until we actually get there. So don't tell. We're just going to pick him up from school and hit the road with no warning. Tee Hee. The weekend after we get back will be the big Holiday Craft Explosion I'm planning for Henry's school. It has been a while since I've done a craft show and this is the first one I've put on myself, so I see a lot of sewing and planning in my near future.

Halloween also brings the end of the First Ever Crankypants Photo Contest!!! If there are any late entries, get 'em in! I got a ton of amazingly cute photos and still have no idea which I'm going to pick. Check back at nooooooooooooooon! I'll also be posting the runners up throughout the coming days.

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