Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

At the very first-I have gotten a couple of emails from people who have been or are currently evacuating from the Gulf coast asking me to hang onto their Classic Crankys until the storm is over and they are allowed back home. I don't expect the shipment to come in for another week and a half/two weeks, but if things get worse than expected and it takes a while for you to get back I promise I won't be selling off your Crankys. Don't waste any brain space on that! I have everyone's addresses from the deposit payments, so I'll be able to hold all orders from the area if it comes to that. I'm keeping you all in my thoughts.

A note for those of you waiting for this shipment who have already paid deposits- if you are waiting on a 12-18M Monster Booty or Sock Monkey, shoot me an email. I still have a couple of pairs here from the last shipments and all orders have been filled from that pre-order, so I can get these out to you early if you are one of the first responders.

Here is a super cutie booty, sent in by Jessica over at Goodmama Central. I love it!

This one cracked me up, too. Jennie hasn't scored a pair of Crankys for her wee beastie yet, but hr serger is getting some Crankypants luurve...

One hour until I open for this month's custom request emails, and auctions start this morning as well over at Hyena Cart. I bumped them back a couple of days because of the holiday weekend. AAAAAAND... you have until noon to get your video blog/podcast ideas in for a chance to win one of two 2T long sleeved Big Red Dog tees from Harrilu. Get 'em in-and remember to include your name and address in your email so I can send you a fancy dancy Crankypants sticker just for entering! I'll post the winners with the customs list this afternoon.

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