Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Darth Vader has become the center of my universe. Henry talks about him all day and has nightmares about him at night. Vader is chasing him and turns into a mean dog. Vader is hiding in the secret passageway. HE turns into Vader and can't manage to turn back to Henry. These dreams have been waking him up at 4am, when he yells for me to come sleep with him in his tiny bed and I spend the next 3 hours with feet, arms, crazy hair and pointy little knees in my face- him sleeping soundly, me wondering how long until I can get up and make coffee but not wanting to move and wake him. *yawn*

This past weekend Kyle finished a little kitchen project...chalk board! There was a wonky spot on the skinny section of wall between the fridge and door to the mud room so we decided to make it a chalk board where we can make grocery lists and what not. Henry broke it in on Sunday.

He's working on drawing the scene from Star Wars where the AT AT gets toppled by the Rebel Fighters flying around its legs with rope. You can see the rope in the later pictures.

I finished Angie's Black Bear longies last night. I was anxious to get them all packed up and ready to go, since I've been trying not to work too much in these last days of Henry's summer vacation, so the pictures kind of stink. I'm hoping Angie can snap some good action shots!

Whoa, the light in that office at night is truly horrible. I promise they are cute!


Betsy King said...

Awesome! What a cool thing to do in your kitchen.

Love your pants, as always.

anniebel said...

The pants look cute! Henry is quite the artist! What a great idea!