Friday, August 22, 2008

Empty House Day 2

Having an empty house coinciding with getting cable after 3 months of no TV is..not good. I actually watched Step Up today while working on a custom. Seriously.

Henry was pretty psyched to go back to school today, I hope day 2 doesn't disappoint. At orientation on Tuesday I mentioned to his teacher that he could read books on his own already. All of the elementary ed. friends I have said it was better to give an early heads up so he can get placement with a reading group in a higher grade, so I just threw it out there. She kind of blew me off and asked if I was sure he wasn't memorizing his books. Well today when I dropped him off she told me that he had read her morning message on the board out loud as she was writing it so when they did this little activity where the Gingerbread Boy left them notes all around school, she let him have a crack at them before she read them out loud to the class. He nailed every one. Yup.

20 minutes until I can go pick him up.

Tonight our good friend Peter Parpan is having an opening tonight with some of his fine art woodworking and furniture pieces at The Grove Arcade Arts & Heritage Gallery so we are going to swing over and check it out. I wonder if this means I have to dig something presentable out of my closet...

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