Monday, August 18, 2008

Beaded Skully Monster Booty!

Well, with Kindergarten bearing down on us (the day after tomorrow-gasp!) it seems that I have only had time to update when there are pictures to post.

Last night while I was putting Henry to bed, Kyle snuck out to the store and got Ben and Jerry's and The West Wing. How awesome is he? Equally important, how awesome is Ben and Jerry's new ONE Cheesecake Brownie Ice Cream? They created this special flavor in partnership with and to raise awareness of, the campaign to "Make Poverty History". It is an amazing cause and an amazing ice cream-cheesecake ice cream with chocolate cream cheese brownie chunks. Hummina. Yes, I get the irony of using a 15g of fat per serving decadent ice cream to spread awareness about world hunger, but whatever gets peoples' attention is good with me.

Anyhoo. It was in this chocolate cream cheese and Bradley Whitford induced euphoria that I finished these crazy Beaded Skully Monster Booty longies. When knitting in 207 tiny glass beads? Chocolate cream cheese and Bradley Whitford are highly recommended to help keep sanity intact.


Kim said...

wow! those are really cool!

hendreque said...

love them!