Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Home Sweet Home

While we all had a wonderful time in northern Michigan for the past 10 days, I have to say that I am way beyond thrilled to be home. We left Indian River at about 6:45 yesterday morning and (with a stop at Ikea in Ohio to break up the day) pushed on through to get home a little after 10 last night. Henry was a champ. I know, we're super lucky to have a little ramblin' man on our hands. We went out to breakfast this morning and now Henry is upstairs playing Wii for a bit while Kyle wrestles with a little dresser and chair we got for the bean at Ikea. His clothes have been in their half moved/boxed up state until this point, so I'll be happy to take care of that this afternoon.

Once I figure out how the heck to get all of our vacation pictures transferred from the laptop to the desktop (I hear tell that it isn't as complicated as I think it is, but I'm not up for ti right now) I'll bore you with them. Until then...let's talk business, shall we?

I got the UPS shipping notice from my Peruvian contact in Charlotte on the road yesterday, so I am expecting the big, bad, box 'o goodies this afternoon sometime. I'm going to go ahead and start sending out balance invoices to people in the next little bit to get a jump on things. I'll make a post office run tomorrow afternoon, so let's say that if you get your balance payment in by...2 tomorrow (EST), your classic Crankys will go out with tomorrow's mail. After that will jump to the next day. And just to clarify-these are the folks who pre-ordered roughly 48 days ago.

Also, a tidbit of news for those of you who have been asking about the monster bibs: I am meeting with a local seamstress tomorrow afternoon and giving her samples to see if she can help me meet demand on those as well and get them to be regular old in-stock items in the near future. I am SO thrilled to have the opportunity to have someone local on the job, so cross your fingers that it all works out. Yay for help!!!

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