Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Eagle Has Landed

The long awaited box did indeed arrive yesterday, so the first shipment of Classic Crankys from that pre-order will go out this afternoon. I did invoicing last night, so please get those balances in asap so I can ship 'em on out to you. Here are the early birds:

I am desperately seeking Kate J. who has dutifully paid her deposit and waited ever so patiently, but now the email I have keeps bouncing back and I can't get through. KATE! Email me! I have your pants sitting here and they keep looking up at me with these big eyes asking when they can go home.

When you guys start receiving your Classic Crankys you will notice something a little different about them:

Can you spot it? Fancy, huh?

I also got a couple of bolts of this amazing Michael Miller fabric in to make seat cushions and curtains for the office. I was dinking around and made a few coasters for myself since I keep getting chastised for leaving water rings on the computer desk. I promptly fell in love with them and am thinking about stocking a couple of sets for those of you who are as geeky about crafting as I am.

Okay, I am off. I need to get dressed so Henry and I can go play with Jess and Noah and deliver the samples to my prospective sewing rescue team.

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