Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Things and Stuff

Whew, what a long and great long weekend we had over here at Crankypants HQ! The weather was gorgeous and we took full advantage.

Saturday we had a long overdue yard sale. We aren't millionaires, but it was the perfect excuse for me to drag my knitting out onto the front lawn and sit and work in the sunshine all day. Kyle took Henry to play at a friend's house lest he decide all of the toys he hadn't played with in ages were now "his very most favorite" when he saw them spread out on the yard sale blanket. I even met a few people who are going to be my new neighbors when we move! One of the women down the block from the new house came by because she saw the sign, and when she found out where we were moving she started telling me how much we were going to love the new neighborhood. I guess there is another little boy on the block starting kindergarten at Henry's school next year, so I'm hoping we meet that family soon. She also said they have lots of block parties, the next one being Summer Solstice, and get this-the block has a Wednesday evening knit night. As if I wasn't excited enough to move before...

Yesterday we were up and hiking by 8am. Go us! The mountain laurels are blooming right now and I wanted to get out and see them before they went away. Growing up we had mountain laurel all over my yard, so they kind of remind me of home.

The only down side of the weekend was that Henry started having what we think are allergy triggered athsma attacks at night again. He woke up gasping for air on Saturday night and we were *thisclose* to going to the ER when he finally started responding to the medicine we gave him and calmed down enough to breathe well enough that we felt safe. I went and got some Zyrtec for him and that seemed to help, but he still slept with me the past couple of nights just in case while my poor, dear husband slept on the most uncomfortable couch on the planet. I'm going to call his ped today and see if he thinks we should get him an inhaler. Breathing stuff is so scary.

I finished Cristi's teddy bear longies and snapped a couple of quick pictures yesterday.



Also, I had an extra pair of 6-12 month jolly Roger longies from the Peru shipment so I decided to have a little fun and Kool Aid dye them. I think they came out great-a really deep, bright strawberry pink-almost red, but not quite. I paired them with a lap tee appliqued by Jess at Quilt Baby and the set will go up on the 29th at noon at my Hyena Cart shop.

I have gotten a bunch of emails about the extra pairs of longies I had posted about earlier. I do believe everything has been spoken for, but I'm waiting for a couple fo payments to come in so I'll re-post if anything falls through.

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