Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Well, it's kind of cold and rainy here this morning so we sent Kyle off to LEAF without us. Henry had a hard time being away from his LEGOs yesterday (right now he's playing with a Star Wars set Uncle J recently sent him and I can hear him saying "Luke, I am your father" every 10 seconds or so) and I'm not in any hurry to get out in the mud, so we are going to go out just for a few hours in a bit. Kyle had to get out there for a shoot and I don't have to work at all today so we are lollygagging behind him.

Yesterday morning we were on our way to LEAF and, as per usual, we were listening to NPR (Weekend Edition) in the car. There was a story about a circus family that had been on world tour since 1997 in a lime green double decker bus that only goes 33 mph and were finishing up on the eastern coast of the US before heading back to England for good (or a while). It was a great little story and it sounded like a show I'd love to see. Literally 5 minutes later we pulled up the LEAF driveway/road to see a giant, lime green double decker bus parked in the grass by the main parking lot. So. Cool.

Unfortunately, Kyle only had 30 pictures left on his card and still had a performance to photograph so he couldn't take many pictures. They were very old school circus style- very funny- and also did a great high ropes act that we didn't get any pictures of. If you are lucky enough to see the lime green double decker bus roll into your town, I would run not walk. It was a wonderful experience.

Henry, of course, got his bi-annual Spiderman face painting:

When you look at that picture you see my amazingly gorgeous child smiling back at you. When I look at that picture I see the 2.5 hours it took us to get the paint to come off last night. By the time we left the festival it was smeared halfway across his face. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror
getting into the car and declared "I'm starting to turn back into a man!".

He is reading this over my lap as I type. HI HENRY!!!! ("How come it says 'HI HENRY'?")

Time to go...

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