Monday, April 21, 2008


If you've ever met me in real life you know that I am very attached to my Crocs. I have my warm weather Crocs and my lined Mammoth Crocs, and unless you're buying me a fancy dinner, that's all you'll see on my feet these days.

So I was so happy to hear about the SolesUnited program today! They take old and worn out Crocs, rip 'em up and make new shoes out of them which they donate to people in need around the world. If you go here, you can type in your zip code and find the nearest retailer who accepts used Crocs to recycle, or you can mail them in to one of the two big recycling centers yourself-there is on one each coast. OR you can go here and buy a special pair of Crocs made out of 20% of the recycled material. These special Crocs sport the SolesUnited logo, and for every pair sold, Crocs donates a pair of shoes to the SolesUnited program. It's win/win. Or, if you are like me and you are more likely to spend money on your spawn, they have a kids version, too. Not only will your wee one get a cool pair of shoes, but it is a great opportunity to talk about recycling and ecology as well as community service. You can even work world geography in there if you take out the ole globe and try to guess where the pair of Crocs donated because of your purchase will go.

Contributing to the cultivation of the next generation of global citizens AND getting new shoes? Rock!

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Lisa said...

Great program. I would buy a pair if they would post the country the shoes are made in. I bought some Crocs at Costco and had to dig through the pile to find a pair not made in China. They were Croc brand.