Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sweater Day

Today would have been Fred Roger’s 80th birthday. In honor of him and his amazing work, today has been dubbed “Sweater Day”, when we all wear our most favorite sweaters and remember Mr. Rogers. I’ve typed out and erased about a million things here, but none of them seemed to do justice to how I feel about the man. He was one of the good guys. And he didn’t need a cape, or Spidey sense, or guns and light sabers to prove it. All he needed was a simple cardigan sweater and a wish to help create a safe world community for kids to grow up in. He is sorely missed.


Susannah :) said...

It is hard for me to think of my childhood without remembering Mr. Rogers. I agree with you that the world is a bit less bright without him, thank you Amy for this entry. Off to get my favorite sweater!

Kayla said...

He was so great...I'm so glad PBS is still airing his stuff. I love that my daughter gets to watch him. :)

CPrado said...

Ahhhh, Mr. Rogers.... Thank you Amy for this little tribute to a truly great man! He gets referred to and lamented over in this house quite often. Just this last weekend we were discussing the value of his program over some of today's crazy fast pace, bright stuff. We want to try to find his program on video, but haven't tried yet.

Kellie said...

Dang Amy, who knew you would make me all teary about a man wearing a sweater for goodness sake.

yep, I loved him. I never missed watching him. and he was definitely one of the good guys.

Jessie said...

Loved him too - "Sweater Day" is a wonderful tribute :)

Slink said...


We've been super busy and even missed the March Crankys due to being busy. I was SO touched to check the blog today and find your tribute to Mr. Rodgers. I am now teary eyed and going to hug my baby and tell her about the wonderful show I watched as a child.

Thanks again for taking the time to remember this truly awesome television icon.