Saturday, March 01, 2008

Happy March!!!

Alright mamas, it's that time again! Good luck to everyone who is trying for a spot.

I finished my last February custom order at somewhere around 11 last night, so I cam in just under the wire. Here they are:

I also got a request for an iPhone cozy like the one I made myself, so here it is:

I think I am going to make a batch in the next few days or so, so if you'd like to put in a request (they work for iPods, too) let me know. They are made using Malabrigo, which is a single ply, super soft merino spun and hand dyed by a womens cooperative in Uruguay. It felts great and is soft enough that you don't have to worry about a scratched face.

Also, I wanted to let those of you who don't snag a custom slot this month to check the Hyena Cart after the list goes up.

AAAAANDDD, one last thing.

The first auction of this month got totally messed up. Somehow the Hyena Cart allowed a bid from someone who was not logged in. This made it impossible for me to figure out who th winner was. After a Comedy of Errors kind of night trying to figure it all out, I decided to just rerun the auction. So there will be one more added on the 3rd.

Have a great day!

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