Monday, March 31, 2008


I came home last night to my favorite chair flowing over with packages. I am lucky I have a faithful mail getter while I'm out of town and not someone like me who agrees to get your mail but then forgets until the day before you come home. I stink. Tommy rocks. Thanks Tommy!

Henry got the painting that the fabulous Ms. Kimya Dawson did for him in trade for a pair of longies for Panda. I told her that he was into space and robots and ta DA!

How awesome is that? He also got three pairs of flannel jammie/lounge pants made by Amy over at Angel Wraps. She specializes in cloth diapers, but she can sew pretty much anything under the sun. I asked her to pick out the prints and I am so happy with what she chose. Henry might actually want to actually change out of his jeans tonight (he usually insists on sleeping in his jeans. Yeah. I dunno.) when he sees them.

I also actually got something for myself! Imagine that! This sweet little case is from Tiny Meat, designed by Emily Martin over at The Black Apple. It is the perfect size to put business cards (which are in for a redesign) on one side and stickers on the other. I am way too excited about it.

Last but definitely not least was a big box of yarn from Cestari Farms. I am thinking of switching to Cestari's merino wool for my custom work, so I ordered 10 skeins to try it out.

There are pros (squishier yarn and supporting small farms-YAY!) and cons (more limited colors and ordering online as opposed to a local store I can just pop over to, BOO!) but I'm hoping to make it work. It is ultimately going to depend on you guys, I guess. I'm excited for a change. I have been unhappy using my current brand for a while, because it is mass produced and thinner than I'd like, but most people seemed fine with the status quo and changing is more difficult than staying the same. I'm hoping this will be worth the extra bit of effort.

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Sabra said...

Hey, if you need Monster Booty testers for that new yarn, I would be totally willing to offer my services :) :) :) Anything for the cause.....