Saturday, February 02, 2008

Super Fancy, Super Fuzzy Monster Cuff...

Sometimes when I'm feeling kind of blue it helps to make something silly. I have been meaning to make something fun with this fabulous hot pink and yellow striped extra long fur stuff I couldn't pass up a while back, so I jumped on the machine real quick and made this super fancy, super fuzzy monster cuff. There is a layer of black terry on the inside so the rough faux fur backing isn't against the skin and it closes with a resin snap.

Henry was nice enough to do a little photo shoot with me, but I couldn't coax him into decent light. I think they're pretty cute anyway, bad lighting and all.

And a close up:

I don't know why the pictures are so grainy. I'm sure I just messed up a setting on the camera or something, but there is no way I'm getting that kid to model for me again, so you'll just have to get the idea.

Okay. Now I'm really going to go pack. Really.

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