Friday, January 18, 2008

The Sickies

The good news: the boys had a 2 hour snow delay so I got to sleep in until 8:30 (WhooHoo!) while Kyle took care of the beast.

The bad news: Henry seems to have something between a pretty bad cough and the croup. He is a tiny bit warm, not warm enough to compel me to wrestle him to the ground and take his temperature, but warmish. And he has a pretty dry sounding cough. The only time he's had the croup he was about 9 months old and he got it at the same time as he had that god awful hand and and foot (foot and mouth? mouth and hand? one is for kids and one is for cows and I can't remember which is which) disease-coxsakie, I think they call it. Anyway, at the time we had croup and coxsakie floating around playgroup and my little overachiever wasn't happy with just catching one of them. What a nightmare week that was. I'm hoping that it is NOT the croup but just a bad cough from being penned up in our dry heated house. I think he's getting on the old end for the croup, so it could be! I parked him on the couch in front of a Super Why mini-marathon and set up the humidifier, so hopefully that will help. We have fun things going on this weekend and I'd be bummed if he had to sit them out, so we're laying low and seeing what we can do to take care of this cough today.

I told the little man not to touch the humidifier because it blows hot steam so he is currently running back in forth in front of it (about 3 feet away), daring it to blow steam on him, feeling much like Indiana Jones cheating death over and over again.

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Kayla said...

Sorry about the sickies!

I'm hoping he gets better soon.