Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Sickies II: This Time It's Personal...

We had a little respite from the sickies yesterday, so Kyle took Henry out and about to shake off the cabin fever he's had being stuck in the house with me since Wednesday. Mistake! Last night the sickies came back with a vengance. A little after midnight, Henry woke up coughing so hard he was just about throwing up. It had me rummaging through our seldom used bin of over the counter medicine to see if I had anything that would do the trick. I was so excited when I found an old bottle of prescription strength cough medicine with codeine in it that our ped. had prescribed for Henry's last bone rattling cough. Unfortunately, my dreams of a good night's sleep were shattered when I read the expiration date. March 2007. Why do I still have a bottle of cough syrup from March 2007? Yeah. I don't know. This morning when we woke up (after a restful 2.7 seconds of cough free sleep) I put the label information in an email to our ped. and begged him to refill it, but I'm not holding my breath. Something tells me doctors probably don't like prescribing anything with a controlled substance in it without actually seeing the patient. We'll see. Henry has had a bout of waking up at 4:30-5:30 so I'm already a little sleep deprived. What's another couple of sleepless nights in the grand scheme of things?

I did manage to finish up Lindsay's girly Sock Monkey last night. I love the funky sock monkeys you guys come up with. I am going to have to ask Kyle if he can do a sock monkey template along with the monster so it is easy to play with alternative color schemes.

I am working on Michelle's navy monsters while the yellow yarn for Bianca's bumble bee longies dries. The end of this month starts some super crazy busy-ness for me, so I'm hoping to have this month's customs finished up a little early.

Tuesday I am driving to Charlotte to meet with my Peru contact who has some samples from his knitters in merino wool to show me. If they looks good, production will start immediately and I am looking at having in stock really soon. Keep fingers crossed! Next weekend I am going to try to make the trip to Durham to see Kimya play and deliver her panda pants. Then Monday and Tuesday are open houses for Asheville kindergartens and we have to decide where we are going to try to get Henry in. February brings a movie themed stocking with Venus Vanguard (I'm not sure I can come up with anything for this one, so I might sit out this month) and a guest spot at a monster themed stocking with K&F shops. Whew!

Kyle is at work getting some things today and has promised me that he will come home soon bearing gifts of junk food and sweet stuff for the massive quantities of football watching that will be happening here round about 3:00. Kyle hasn't made any football watching friends since we've moved down here so I am going to do my best to be involved and cheering and whatnot with him this afternoon. It won't come close to watching with his guy friends back in Ann Arbor, but it's better than nothing. I'll even pull my Brett Favre jersey out of the closet for the Green Bay game.

Best. Wife. Ever.


anniebel said...

Hey Kiddo,
Hope you managed to get the cough medicine. If not, it might be a good time to try out the old wives tale of vicks rub on the bottom of the feet. Desperate times make for desperate measures! If not maybe a little on the chestie. Poor baby....poor Mama! Happy football watching! We will be doing the same! Chips and Salsa coming up!

Kayla said...

Enjoy getting twitterpated tonight. :)