Sunday, January 27, 2008

Brr. Bzz.

This morning I awoke to find the house, shall we say...chilly? I futzed with the thermostat for a while, but no amount of wiggling and cajoling made the heat come on. The oil tank runneth dry. This is our first time with oil heat and we miscalculated how much we'd need, especially since this has been such a frosty winter. Don't worry about us, there are no Crankysicles over here or anything. We built a fire in the fireplace and hung around in jackets until we found a lovely oil company that would deliver on Sunday (for a modest fee, of course) and help us turn the furnace back on. 5 hours and just shy of $600 later, we're back in business. I am a little bummed because we usually run the heat on biofuel, but we couldn't get a hold of the lone biofuel company in town and I wanted to get it filled up today because I'm not going to be around tomorrow. Ah well.

Last night while dorking out in of Battlestar Galactica (Kyle made me do it) I was able to finish Bianca's Bumblebee Longies. The are really different for me because I've never done anything double sided before. Bianca sent me a little marker drawing of the face and asked for concentric circles on the bum to represent the business end of the little guy.

I have one little pair of crabby longies left and then I am going to take a few days to whip up another batch of monster bibs for the shop. And it will be customs time again!

Tomorrow is Kindergarten open house. Since the informational meeting I've had time to digest the presentations and am about 85% sure I know where I want Henry to go. I am hoping that tomorrow solidifies that for me instead of making the choice more difficult.

It is actually shaping up to be a pretty nice day. Henry and I goofed around outside for a while but he was less than cooperative when the camera made an appearance...

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Jennie said...

those bees are adorable! so glad to hear you are doing more bibs - they were sold out by the time i saw the last post! :-) i'll be stalking your blog this time so i can nab one for an upcoming baby shower!