Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Goin' on Vacation!

Tomorrow I am hopping on a plane for my first ever trip away from Henry. I'm scared! We talked about it a bit last night and he is pretty irritated that I would even consider doing such a thing. I am trying to get Kyle to schedule some fun stuff for the weekend while I'm gone to take the sting out. He doesn't have school on Monday, so Kyle will have him for three unscheduled days in a row. I have a feeling that the Wii is going to get quite a work out.

I am trying to get most of the Miracle Diapers Lottery stuff squared away before I go but people won't stop giving me stuff to throw into the pot so there might be some late additions next week after I get back. I am so excited about how this thing took off. Infact, I just added two more donations today: Katie and Nathan from Wood Wise Natural Toys is donating a custom wooden nae puzzle and a couple of wooden vehicles and Karen from Splash Coloria is donating a custom low water immersion dyed tee. The winner of this dern thing isn't even going to have to do any holiday shopping! It'd be a faux pas for me to enter, right? I kid, I kid. Although it is the only chance I'd get to knit for Henry (who won't wear anything I make anyway).

I guess I should start packing. I talked to my friend Bam last night and she said it is supposed to snow there today. What the hell am I doing going to MI in November??? I don't even own a winter coat anymore. Ah well...


Tillie'sMom said...

Safe travels!

Jessie said...

Have a great time!