Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Full Previews are UP!

Venus Vanguard is doing a Mythological theme for their November 9th stocking and I managed to squeek out a few things for it.

Check out the rest of the awesome stuff here. Mamas will be putting their full previews up throughout the day.

I also finished my first November custom, Melissa's Navy Monster Longies:

Last night I got to go out and meet some of my mama friends for our monthly mamas' night out. We went to a little tapas bar downtown and chatted, drank coffee, and made google eyes at the two brand spankin' new little babies who joined us. Jessie and I even sat at opposite ends of the table so we were forced to talk about things other than work. Fancy that. On the way home, the major road I take slowed to a stop and I found myself stuck about 50 feet away from a huuuuuuuuuuge fire. An Ashley's furniture store burned right down to the ground. All 3 lanes of traffic were closed and we all just sat and watched it burn for a while. Finally, we were corralled through a supermarket parking lot and out onto a side street. It was kind of surreal. I drove past the store today and it was literally just a shell. Crazy.

Henry was up and down all night with a bad cough that kept waking him up. I think I got about 3-4 good hours all told. Bleh. I decided to keep him home from school today, even though about 10 minutes after Kyle left he was begging me to go. Poor kid is bored out of his mind. I finally broke down and brought him to pick out a movie, which he is currently vegging out in front of. I hope he can manage to get some sleep tonight.

I'll be putting up the listing for the big Miracle Diapers charity auction either later today or tomorrow, so check back. I'll link to it when it goes up. You won't believe this thing. SO many mamas have come out of the woodwork to donate their awesome gear. The winner of this lottery is going to lose. it. No joke.

Back to the needles so I can squeeze as much work time out of this movie as humanly possible...

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