Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A Kiss on the Hand Might be Quite Continental...

Well, thanks for all your support over the past couple of days mamas. I guess as I grow it is inevitable that not everyone is going to like the way I do things. I'm not a huge fan of trivializing the upheaval of entire countries and murder of thousands of people by comparing it to not getting a pair of baby pants you really like, but other than that I'm over it. I think the people who "know" me know how ridiculous that comment was. Though I have to admit I like the idea of Crankypants as a 007 villain...

In better news, I totally scored at my local Habitat for Humanity home store today. I went looking for things I could use on my display table at the Crafting Patch Fair coming up and I found this for Henry. For 5 bucks. Score! The flash makes it difficult to see the detials, but it is a solid wood workbench with a little vice and ruler on the side and a peg board in back with outlines of all the tools to show where they go. He is going to flip. out.

I also finished Kelly's Chocolate and Sky Monster longies:

It was really bright out so it's not the best picture, but you get the idea. On to Angie's bright orange monster and then it's October all the way! I really can't believe it is October already. I hope everyone is out and about enjoying the Fall air!


rachel said...

It took me a minute to figure out the title...lol...I'm glad that you're not letting people get to you ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey it's the person who made the diamond comment yesterday. I had some time to think about it some more and I guess my main point is this: If there is a way for you to bring down your prices you have a moral obligation to do so. 99% of your customers can't afford $230 for a pair of baby pants, but they have shopping addictions (very common among moms on the diapering boards). It feels like exploitation to me. So you may have more in common with the gambling industry than the diamond mines of Africa.

amy. said...

Okay. I was really trying to be civil and keep my notoriously big mouth in check but it is clear that you have no Earthly idea what the hell you are talking about. I do 4 auctions a month. 4. In addition to that I take between 5-8 totally custom orders per month at my regular price, between $70-80, which falls SQUARE in the middle of custom longies prices-even though I could easily auction off all the custom slots for a lot more. In addition to that I do in stock at a few other places at my regular $70 price. In addition to that I am working on a FAIR TRADE deal to have Crankypants made ETHICALLY BY HAND so that supply will meet demand and the market will eventually even out. I'm sorry that isn't working out fast enough for you. Do you think I have a moral obligation to have Crankypants made by 12 year olds in a factory somewhere so moms can buy them for $30 and have them fall apart in 5 minutes? Would that be the morally responsible thing for me to do? When I do customs for $70 a pair, I am averaging about $5 an hour. That doesn't include the cost and time of developing and maintaining several sites, designing and purchasing promotional materials, actually listing items and doing invoicing, taking, editing and posting pictures so customers can see what's coming, etc., etc., etc. So you are saying that instead of having a moral obligation to my family and my landlord and bill collectors and holding a FEW auctions in ADDITION to my regular cheaper custom orders to generate a little extra income, I have a moral obligation to my customers who apparently have no self control or free will and should NOT do the auctions and instead work a crappy part time job to make up for that extra money I could have made. Would that make me a morally responsible person? Or should I work for $2 an hour? Would it be okay with you then? Just let me know what you'd like me to do. Please. I want to hear what you have to say.

Anonymous said...

wow... Amy all I can say is dont let the crazy's bother you. Yep that's right diamond lasy you are coming off as seriously wacked. Anyways Amy you do what's right for your family, they ar ethe only ones you have an obligation to.

Talk to you again @ midnight next month! :)


Scarlet said...

Yo, Anonymous. Cowboy up and get a Blogger profile so that you can stand behind your words. I thought your words on the earlier post were facetious; I am somewhat astonished to see that they were not.

Amy's primary moral responsibility to support her family as best as she sees fit. She is not setting her normal price at $200; the market is setting that price for her.

As for people who have shopping addictions, they're going to buy what they want to buy. How is dropping the price going to help with their addiction? And even if it did (which it doesn't), why is it anyone's responsibility other than theirs to do something about it? They are grown women.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable...Amy don't for one second let anyone make you feel like you are the bad person here. You have a great product and all the madness over them shows that.

As for the crazy diamond lady are you just mad because you can't get a pair or just downright RUDE. Remember the crankys are going in auctions, something every momma has control over. I can bet that Amy isn't standing there holding a gun to their head making them bid higher and higer. Get over it. I believe it's jealousy that is getting the best of you best bet is to not leave your nasty comments anymore. They are rude and hurtful-PERIOD.

And Amy as you know you ROCK, Crankypants rock and congratulations for coming up with a unique awesome product that allows you to stay home with your baby and pay the bills. You do what is best for YOU and your family.


Mel said...

Goodness!!! First of all, Amy *big hugs* ignore the haters lol

To the crazy diamond lady. WOW. First of all let me say while I LOVE my cranky's I cannot afford the auction prices either, so I do the midnight madness stalking. But as far as the auctions go, even though I think they get crazy high, it's not Amy setting the prices, the Mama's who bid on them CAN afford it and want them THAT bad. SO what! And honestly if I could come up with an AWESOME product like this and make that kind of money every month while staying home with my lil guy, uhh I WOULD! Amy is VERY talented, the auctions are her reward. ;)

Anonymous said...

I never comment on blogs. And, for the record, I've never coveted a pair of Crankypants, they just aren't my style. But if you are going to compare crankys to diamonds, I must comment.

To annon, you need to get a life and step away from the computer. These are baby pants, nothing more and nothing less. Amy works very hard to make things fair and her prices affordable. She is NOT 'morally obligated' to do anything of the sort. This is a free market economy. That means, she may charge whatever price she wants, and the demand for her product will determine whether her price is fair. That also means your obssession with wanting her product will not ever dictate the pricing nor availability.

My oldest son lost his family or origin to lust for diamonds. His family, his village and his country were devastated. To compare baby pants to this devastation is incredibly egotistical and ridiculous.

Step away from the computer. Quit letting yourself view Crankys as if they are a slot machine and understand that your baby will live a long and happy life with or without Crankypants. Seriously, to compare one artist's work to diamonds or gambling is problem within yourself, not within Amy and her system of making her product available to the open market.

I, for one, am shocked that Amy makes any effort to make these things accessible to the masses at all. She could easily sell all of them for $200+ and walk away with her profits. That would eliminate the stress of pampered, entitled women like yourself who feel its some artist's obligation to feed your self important need to have your lust fulfilled upon demand. If she outpriced you, you'd walk away like just about everyone else.

I am disgusted and offended that you would compare the suffering my son and others in this world have endured for your need to put cute pants on your baby.

amy. said...

I am so sorry for your son's loss. Thank you for the perspective- something that none of us can ever get enough of.

Kylia said...

People should read this.