Friday, October 12, 2007


I really don't feel like whining about the craziness that has been my week so I am just going to make a short list of things I am digging right now (since certain people *ahem* have reminded me that I haven't posted since Monday):

1. Pushing Daisies. I was loving the whole Tim Burton with a sugar high feel of the show and the Pie Man is adorable, but the P.I. who knit himself special little hand gun and money wad cozies? Sealed the deal. It is giving the dry humor and hot-and-misunderstood cop show Life a run for its money as Amy's favorite new show. An honorable mention to the Peter Krause love fest that is Dirty Sexy Money. Bad name, good show- and it is nice to see Donald Sutherland doing something worthy of him. Yes. I love TV. I know it is the devil (which brings me to the fact that I am so happy that Ray Wise-AKA: Leland Palmer from Twin Peaks- has been perfectly cast as the devil in Kyle's favorite new show Reaper) and all, but it is really nice to have when I am knitting for 17 million hours in a row and I am completely sick of my ITunes. I listen to a ton of NPR too, pinky swear.

2. The album Writers Block by Peter Bjorn and John. So. Good. Pretty much every track kicks major booty. Go listen to it. Also on the playlist? Old Kinks. "I Took My Baby Home" is on heavy rotation over here.

3. That is it my brother and Kirstin's 6th anniversary today! Happy day, guys! I hope that Sam gives you a chance to do something special to celebrate.

4. That Henry wrote his name on the library card application so we are bringing it down to the library today to get him his very own library card!!! Mo Willams fans, you'd better get your fill because Henry is going to be checking those bad boys out willy nilly pretty soon.

OH! Speaking of kids' books, did I ever write about meeting Jon Scieszka a few weeks ago? If you don't know the name, he is the mastermind behind such greats as The Stinky Cheese Man and The True Story of the Three Little Pigs. He came into town to read his new book Octopus and Cowboy and do a signing. I got Stinky Cheese Man signed for Henry and Science Verse (an awesome book of science poetry) signed to the 3rd grade class I left when I quit my job as a parting gift. Jon was great! He was funny and smart and really engaging. If he comes to your local bookstore, run don't walk.

Wish me luck in Charlotte tomorrow! We are leaving here at around 5am, so please excuse the huge dark circles under my eyes and disheveled hair. I can't wait to meet some of you there. I will leave you with a parting picture of my genius child developing a new kids' product for the site. We call it: Undies Hat. It is going to be all the rage very soon. Trust me. I hear that Suri Cruise has a whole closet full...

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Lady Nunn said...

So lucky! I *adore* the stinky cheese man... will have to look for the new book.

Also? David & I totally both said your name out loud while watching Pushing Daisies when he pulled his knitting needles out!! We loooove that show! It made me wish I could call you over to sit on the couch with us. :)