Monday, September 10, 2007


Thats everyone for making that a great stocking! Everything is all packed up and ready to be dropped off at the post office on my way to work (boooooo!) tomorrow. Tomorrow morning Crankpants invades Vegas for the first time-woohoo!

You know what I dislike strongly (I'm not allowed to say 'hate', as Henry says-"It's an icky word.")? The fact that I didn't find out until today at 4:30pm that Henry doesn't have school on Thursday or Friday. Wha? This is what I get for relying on my dearest darling husband for communication with Henry's teacher. Now I am scrambling for someone to watch the bean those days. If I had known I would have dragged my sorry butt to work today and taken the days off to stay home with him. I don't feel like I can do that now. You know what I dislike even more? The fact that I have a massage scheduled for 1:30pm on Thursday. A massage appointment that it took me 2 months to get (because it is a cheap student massage at the local massage school). A massage appointment that I have been looking forward to since forever. A massage appointment that I now have to cancel because Henry won't be in school and so I have to have someone watch him from 8-12 while I'm at work and then don't want to ditch him again to keep my appointment. Gah! I am going to cal them tomorrow and cross my fingers that the next available appointment isn't another 2 months away. If it is I just might have to work something out. My back is in serious need of some attention. I love knitting, but it does a number on my low back. The last time I had a massage the guy asked me if I'd been in a car accident, lol! Hey, I wonder if I can write my massage off as a business expense. Hmmmm...

Okay. Off to bed with me. It's back to work (booooooo!) in the morning.



Val said...

I hate relying on men to communicate anything... Don's favorite saying when it comes to things like that is "I Man.... Ugh Rock." in his best cave man tone. He says this when he forgets one of the 4 things I sent him to the grocery for, or forgets for the fourth time to ask his boss how much he is getting paid. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr... men.

I hope you find a way to get your massage! You should try to get it even though your bean is home. It is important that mama take care of herself even though he is there... don't you think?


Scarlet said...

Hi there, Scarlet from Venus Vanguard here. What happened to those skully bath fizzies? I wanted one. :)