Tuesday, August 07, 2007


This morning we got up and at 'em and sped off for a playdate with my two most favoritest crafty mamas, Jess from Quilt Baby and Liz from Cozy Blue. We got to gather 'round Jess's nice big kitchen table and work on our various projects while the kids kept each other occupied. It was downright lovely.





Running around in the sun all morning sent Henry down for the count. When he wakes up from his "little rest" we are going to pack a picnic dinner and drive up into the mountains in search of wild blueberries and some cold mountain streams. Until then I have to get some work done.


Kayla said...

Top 3 pics don't work!

Jessie said...

Lovely day for a playdate - we had one on the water in our pontoon and now our kiddos are knocked out as well. Lucky you to have other crafty mamas that you can hang with and the babes get a long - sounds like a fun night you have planned!