Friday, August 24, 2007

I'm Awesome!

I got almost down to the bottom of the leg I was knitting in 4 color stripe when I noticed it. About 7 stripes up I had made a mistake. I knit into the ladder below the stitch I was trying to knit, creating an uneven looking stripe. I showed Kyle, who of course told me I should forget about it because no one would notice. And of course I couldn't leave it alone.

If you count the rows in that blue stripe, they all have 5 rows per, except for my wonky column which has 4. I pointed to it just in case Kyle was right. All marvel at my mad PhotoShop skillz...

I dropped the stitch all the way down through 7 stripes.

And picked it all back up creating a perfect blue stripe, as it should have been in the first place.

Kyle claims that no one will be impressed because no one will be able to see the mistake anyway (and it really isn't that difficult of a fix), but I had to post pictures anyway. I'm a dork.


liz said...

hey, no - hush, kyle.
of course you are awesome! you rock!
it would have driven me crazy too.
now don't you feel better having gone back and made it all neat and tidy and right?

Kayla said...

Awesome job Amy! :)

Anonymous said...

This would have kept me awake too.
Great fixit.

Shayla said...

Tell Kyle your not the only knitter in these neck of the woods! ;) I'm highly impressed cause I know how difficult it can be sometimes to fix something like that! LOL Great job momma! I'm the owner of Heavenly Huggers btw! ;)