Sunday, August 05, 2007


It is hot. So very hot. Sticky and gross hot. But still we persevere and refuse to turn on the A/C. Because we are stubborn and insist that we can live without the expense/use of energy. We are idiots. Hot idiots.

Henry had a pretty scary injury today. He likes to wrestle on our bed, so to distract him after his 753rd request to play Wii, I went in and tustled with him for a while. After I got my butt handed to me by a 4 year old, Kyle took over for a bit. After he was all tired out (approximately 7 seconds) he came into the kitchen to get a drink and left Henry on the bed. Little man must have been tugging on the blinds or something because they all came crashing down on him and the bar that holds them up caught him right on the forehead. He has a little gash, a smaller cut and a huge bruise surrounding the whole thing. And of course we were out of super cool pirate tattoo Band Aids, just to add insult to injury. Poor kid.

I wanted to give a little rave review for Hide and Sheep at Etsy, who made my new dangle free stitch markers. They are awesome. They give my knitting a little sparkle without always getting in the way or splitting the yarn. I wish they would make split ring ones so that I could pop them off, but seeing as that is pretty much physically impossible I guess they are forgiven. They were also shipped amazingly fast and come in a super cute storage tin.

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