Thursday, July 12, 2007

They Just Wanna...

I am counting down the minutes to my "business meeting" with Jess from Quilt Baby and Nancy from Heart Mommy tonight. We are going out for dinner and drinks and lots of talk about craftiworkinmamahood. I. can't. wait.

So my secret has been found out. Jess and I are doing The Crafting Patch Etsy Festival in Charlotte this October. This requires that I have a stocked and functioning Crankypants Etsy shop for the show runners to look at since it is a juried show. I tried to keep it a secret until after I was approved so that the shop would stay stocked, but someone found me! Luckily I was accepted into the show before the few pairs I had hidden away got snatched up. I will probably only keep the Pirates Booty Wash in there until after the show so that I have time to build up some stock for it, but file it away for future reference. Things might pop up there now and again.

Okay. I am going to go try to finish the last leg of the last pair of my Mahar orders before I head out the door. I hope everyone is well!

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Caroline Duncan said...

Hooray, I love Etsy and have purchased some amazing items over the last 12 months.
So far I have had no joy with Hyena Cart, Mahar Drygoods, maybe just maybe I will finally be able to purchase a pair of cranky pants through Etsy.
Goodluck with your new venture Amy, I bought the most gorgeous market bag through Etsy (shop is called Moop) and bracelet made from recycled typewriter keys (KeysAndMemories) jeeeezz louise I could go on and on.

Thankyou for your reply to my last comment.