Sunday, July 22, 2007


I think I (okay, okay, Kirstin did it) fixed the problem with the blog feed, so try it again and see if it works. I use Bloglines to organize the blogs I subscribe to, but I'm sure there are other ways to do it, too. Actually, I don't know if it's fixed. I hate computers. I would rather write everything out by hand and send it to each of you individually by courier pigeon. But then I wouldn't have time to knit. Ah well. I'll be over here crossing my fingers and hopefully someone will give me a thumbs up soon. I can't even really say why I want this subscribing thing to work so badly. I only started subscribing to blogs myself last week and I got along just fine. Maybe this is how Kyle feels when he sees a new video game or piece of camping equipment that he all of a sudden will absolutely die without.

Kyle, if you read this, no this doesn't mean you will ever be able to talk me into getting the PS3 so don't even think about it.


Andrea said...

I'm not so sure if it worked? I clicked on it and got this page: feed://

There was no spot to subscribe? Scratching head... I'm sorry! Hey, I promise I'll sign up if you figure out, but relax on your trip! Don't worry about this! ;)

Lindy said...

ok well i'm a adork and subsricbed. it wokred fine for me... at the top it asked me if I wnated to subsricbe to this feed... hope that right. anyways now it's saved on my computer so it better be! LOL!

liz said...

i've been using bloglines for a while now, and the way it works for me is that i just go to a blog that i like to read (crankypants, of course) and then over on my 'favorites' sidebar, i click 'bloglines'. it then gives me a few options to subscribe and i confirm, and that's it.
as far as i know (which isn't far really) most blogger & typepad blogs are already set up with feeds. but if someone uses the 'subscribe' button on your blog, it seems to save it to the desktop as a direct link to your blog.
or maybe i have no idea what i'm saying.
just sayin'...

KL said...

After reading more about this "Feed" gobble-de-gook, the link provides the feed in which you can put in your current subscription service, such as Bloglines. So I think you have to have a service in order to subscribe...

and I found another service that I think is kinda cool...Google Reader...and I Heart Google!

And I also want to clarify that I have no idea whatsoever what I am talking about.