Friday, June 15, 2007

Pleeeeaase, Take a Nap...

We are in that stage of Henry's life where he is certain that he does NOT NEED a nap during the day. Which is fine. Except that he does. If I don't make him take a "little rest" in the afternoon, he is a big grinchface for about 2 hours before falling asleep on his feet at about 5, thereby making it impossible to get him in bed before 10pm. It's fun. After an episode of Blue's Clues, 2 stories and a song, he is finally in bed quiet. I don't want to get comfortable, though, because he will choose that moment to let me know that he hasn't gone to sleep but has actually just been laying there, awake, waiting for me to get into the middle of a project before announcing that he is ready to get up. I need some coffee...

I finally got my Father's Day present in the mail, even though it will be late now. I was trying to find a good box and then I wanted Henry to make something to put int he package and it just crept up on me, even though I've had the actual present forever. Daddy, DON'T click this link. Last night, Kyle planned out his Father's Day present from us. We are going on a 3 day camping excursion in Virginia. Who knew? Monday morning we are driving up to VA and doing some family camping activities. Then Tuesday we are going on a family trail ride. We'll come back sometime on Wednesday. It should be an adventure and it will be nice to have some family alone time before the great Summer traveling season begins. I am a little concerned because we have a lot of work to do on the yarn (ha ha, yarD-you can see where my brain is) before Henry's birthday party next Saturday, but we'll figure it out.

This morning we headed over to our friend McKai's house to eat breakfast, talk crafting and herbalism, and chase bubbles.

We had a fabulous time. I forgot how nice it is to have my days free to see friends. I love summer!!!

Oh, and I am just doing the seed stitch cuff on leg #2 of Lindy's Little Miss Monkey longies. I expect to be done with them tonight, so hopefully we'll have pictures tomorrow sometime.

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