Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Drumroll Please....

Alright mamas, I have finally had Henry pick out the winners of the 1st Crankypants Blog Giveaway! I actually broke the entries (over 65!!) up into 3 groups and did one for each group.

All three of the things I am giving away are from my brand spankin' new line of bath products called Pirates' Booty Wash. I worked very hard with a local soap maker who is custom making this line for Crankypants to make some really cool bath stuff for mamas and wee beasties who don't get excited over fancypants floral or overly girly bath things. Henry has been over the moon about the line and has actually been bathing voluntarily since I brought it home. I hope your kids feel the same way. All of the soap is hand crafted using special ingredients designed for kids and those with sensitive skin. It is all hypoallergenic, contains no SLS and is not tested on animals. Please leave a comment and tell me what you think!

So here goes:

I am going to send Nancy (alseedus@...) her choice of one of the 3 skully bars pictured here (Key Lime, Vanilla Wheat Germ or Chamomile Jasmine) AND the awesome skully washcloth made by Jess at Quilt Baby. The skully bars are a minimum of 5oz. but are usually a bit heavier than that.

I am going to send Annessa (annessamarvin@...) this 8oz. Bag O' Booty, filled with Mango scented soap coins and multicolored unscented pirate jewels. I will also include this handy dandy little soap sack. You can just pop a few pieces of Booty into the sack, cinch and tie it, and it is ready to use. This is perfect for mamas who don't want to give their beasties a whole bar of soap to dissolve at the bottom of the tub.

And lastly...

I am going to send Shyla (mcarrera@...) this 8oz. Milk and Honey scented Bag O' Bones. Once again, I will also include a black terry cloth soap sack. Put a bone or two in the sack and start swabbin' the deck.

I want to stress that, although this soap is safe for kids to use, it should NOT be used unsupervised, especially by little ones who are still putting things in their mouths. There are pieces small enough for tiny pirates to choke on should they get a whiff of deliciousness and decide to take a taste.

Congrats to the winners of this little contest. I was hoping he'd pick at least one of you who had pirates in your dream Crankypants comment and he ended up picking 2! Please email me from the email you provided in your comment with shipping information and I'll get your gear out asap. I had a great time reading everyones' comments and will likely do this again soon. Thanks mamas!


Anonymous said...

Those are SUPER cute prizes! I can't wait until they are available to buy. My 3 year old will LOVE them :).


Keitha said...

Awesome prizes!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Mamas, I'm jealous.
See I told you I never win anything...:(

Tonya said...

Those are so cool!! Can't wait for you to start selling then.

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Goodness!!! I'm so excited!! I emailed you just now. I love the new stuff you are coming out with. You are so creative and thoughtful! ~Nancy,